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In the world of transportation of people and goods there have been revolutionary developments: first we walked, then we used horses, then we switched to horsepower. In just a few hours, we now cover distances for which it once took days or even weeks.
In cities, however, the average speed has not improved during the last 150 years! The roads are congested and the space required for individual mobility is enormous.

In addition to reducing emissions, the provision of a cost-effective and efficient transport solution for all people is more necessary than ever. Therefore new transport concepts are required. One possibility is autonomous and organized driving.

In order for traffic to be organised by autonomous driving, however, data must first be collected.

It is necessary to test what sensors and cameras see in the individual traffic systems and how this information can be integrated into the traffic system in order to optimize the flow of traffic.

As a result, the vehicle then has to use this information to detect every traffic situation, react intelligently to it and move in a controlled manner.

ILO Mobility has developed the ILO 1 to make this possible.





The ILO 1 serves as a development and measurement platform. Equipped with sensors and cameras, this high-tech vehicle makes it possible to capture complex traffic situations. This information is then used to further development concerning autonomous driving and the vehicle environment. The vehicle can be integrated into any transport system.

In addition to the road approval, the ILO 1 has an electric drive. Due to the electric drive, no petrol station is required in the test area. A simple power socket is sufficient to carry out extensive tests. The vehicle has a modular design and interfaces in the mechanical and electronic system which are open to individual research and development. This means that the ILO 1 can be used individually in every research and development project for mobility and transport optimisation.



Mobility projects often fail, especially when it comes to autonomous driving, because of the complexity and scope of the projects. Development then often becomes very expensive. The ILO 1 therefore offers the perfect solution for your project. The vehicle is individually tailored to your needs and the ILO Mobility team supports you in making your project a success.


The ILO 1 at a glance:

  • Advanced modularized vehicle
  • Electric drive
  • Exclusivity through open interfaces for research and development
  • Built-in lidar sensors, radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors and cameras
  • Inspiring design
  • Excellent quality through many years of know-how in the automotive sector
  • Reliable service and project support